ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compound

  • Regular cleaning with ECONOCLEAN prevents build-up of a gel-coating inside the extruder. This enables the cleaning to be easier and quicker, and you require only 1½ times the net cylinder content of cleaning compound to achieve the desire result.

  • ECONOCLEAN requires slow screw speeds to allow the chemical components to be active. However, short increases in screw speed while cleaning give an additional mechanical effect, that will benefit the cleaning.

  • For severe clean-ups you can use up to 40 % of the concentrate instead of 25 %, for some added chemical activity. More than 40 % doesn't give any additional effect.

  • ECONOCLEAN has a white, brittle appearance, which makes it easily noticeable when you push it out of the extruder. No second guessing whether you removed all of the cleaning compound and can start with normal production.

  • You can use ECONOCLEAN as overnight material. If you cool it off to room temperature, the material will shrink inside the extruder, giving an additional mechanical cleaning effect. If you start up again, purge the extruder with temperatures just below the processing temperatures, so any specks will be removed before getting a chance to stick again.

ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compound