ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compound

Cleaning compound for cable extrusion

The multitude of colour- and material changes, and the ever shorter production runs caused by Just-In-Time production require an effective and efficient cleaning compound.

ECONOCLEAN cleans extruders thoroughly. Residues of previous production runs or black specks, caused by burnt resin, will be removed by ECONOCLEAN from extruder, cylinder and die. Also pigments, silane and flame retardants, that have the tendency to adhere to screw and cylinder wall will be removed. This allows for shorter start-up procedures, that will minimise the scrap.

The unique formulation of ECONOCLEAN makes that it even reaches into the dead angles of extruder and die. Downtime will be limited, loss of material and time reduced to the minimum. Even when pulling the screw for inspection, total time for cleaning will be reduced when a cleaning with ECONOCLEAN is performed first.

Saving costs
Less downtimeECONOCLEAN works effective, and reduces the need for pulling the screw.
Shorter start-up timeECONOCLEAN removes black specks effectively, making the start-up phase for the next run shorter, causing
Reduced loss of materialthrough shorter start-up periods, and
Less cleaning compoundECONOCLEAN needs only 1½ to 2 times the cylinder contents for an effective cleaning.
ConcentratedECONOCLEAN is available in ready-for-use formulations, but also as a concentrate.
Less scrap
Econoclean has already proven its effectiveness with commonly used materials like HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PA, EAA, EMA, PP, PET/PBT, PC, PS, EVOH, TPE, PVC etc.


Processing temperaturesReady-for-useconcentrate
100-200 degrees CEconoclean 100Econoclean 100-c
200-300 degrees CEconoclean 200-
200-400 degrees C-Econoclean 200-c


ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compoundECONOCLEAN is a resin that is as easily processable as plastics.
ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compoundECONOCLEANis composed of materials that have the GRAS classification (FDA norm for Generally Recognized As Safe).
ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compoundECONOCLEAN is odourless, also when processed. No special precautions are required.
  The residue is a plastic with inert minerals, which can be processed as such.
ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compoundECONOCLEAN is available in 25 kg quantities, in recyclable carton boxes with a plastic liner.


ECONOCLEAN will foam slightly in the extruder, so it reaches into the dead corners of the extruder and die. Burnt residues are released from screw and cylinder wall through a chemical reaction, and extruded by the purging properties of ECONOCLEAN. ECONOCLEAN also has a polishing (NOT abrasive) effect, which leaves the surfaces inside the extruder clean and smooth.

ECONOCLEAN:- Your purge cleaning compound
Regular preventive maintenance controls the building up of burnt residues, and makes every cleaning more effective.

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